Convex is an artist collaboration between Sarah Le Quang Sang and Laura Guarch who specialise in immersive art performances.

What’s really important to Convex is securing funding for new projects, and to do that, they needed a clear description of who they are and what they stand for: A classic STANCE.

Looking back it seems so clear, but at the time we had to invest significant effort in unpeeling why Convex do what they do and what makes them unique.

The process

To start we surveyed their customer base and reviewed the competition. The customer survey gave us great soundbites as well as a sense of why people love Convex. We also made sure to bake in some quantitative questions, such as “would you recommend Convex to a friend?” with a view to using this data in future pitches. (As it turns out, 100% of people would recommend Convex to a friend!)

In terms of the competition, we decided to distribute them between Entertainment vs. Social Awareness (X-axis) and Space vs. Place (Y-axis). The landscape in which these competitors lives is ‘participatory art experiences’.

Other competition might ‘entertain in a place’ or ‘raise awareness in a space’, but Convex is most passionate about bringing the best of those worlds together—they’re rooting for local environments. Hence we identified that Convex could best own the position of ‘raising social awareness in places’. More on how to use brand positioning axes here.

STANCE branding games and exercises

To really get under the skin of Convex, we played proprietary STANCE games and exercises with Sarah and Laura to tease out content to populate the STANCE framework. Here’s a clip from one such game. (The benefits of a zoom-based relationship—recording comes as standard.)

Choose your evil

From the games and the customer feedback, we really doubled down on environment, music, a sense of peace and often transcendental experience that comes along with Convex participation—their performances always feature a musical element, whether that’s singing, humming or listening.

While writing the Transformation statement of STANCE we also uncovered some great lines of copy that would find themselves onto the Convex website:

We’re here to give threatened environments a voice.
Walk with us. Sing with us. Listen with us.
Join our community.

“Giving threatened environments a voice” really is the nub of this project, the final Expression! This is the line that Sarah and Laura can lead with in their future pitches.

You’ll also get a sense of the tone. The Convex archetype falls between the lover and the creator—It’s peaceful yet powerful.

As the COVID virus struck, Convex had to innovate and did so with Echo Station. COVID threatens all of our public places—Echo Station seeks to unite communities through hopeful songs sung from open windows. The Echo Station logo was designed by Anna Nicolò, friend of STANCE

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